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communication + voice teacher



I help groups and individuals communicate more effectively in a variety of contexts, including: presentations, talks, meetings, and important conversations. My approach is rooted in the recognition that communication is most effective when the underlying thinking is sharp, the language is clear, and the speaker is in touch with what really matters. My focus is on helping you speak and listen more effectively, develop your presence, and feel more confident. I also help you learn to distill complex information and concepts into clear, powerful language, and to structure your ideas persuasively.

I have worked extensively with leaders across North America and Europe, particularly in the fields of technology, banking & finance, transportation, telecommunications, and energy. My clients are leaders at all levels, from C-level executives of global companies to managers in small-to-midsized organizations.

I’m a tenured professor in Concordia University’s Theatre Department and an internationally recognized voice teacher. My research explores how performers and professionals can increase their stress resilience on a nervous system level. My work offers strategies for transforming nervousness and other challenges into vibrant, committed communication. And my decades of experience as a multi-award winning actor, director, writer, and theatre producer have helped me understand how to engage audiences, problem-solve creatively, and collaborate effectively.

I have been coaching and teaching since 2004. I was the recipient of a Concordia University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2017. In addition to my involvement in the Theatre department, I work with Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning where I help new professors learn to communicate more effectively in their teaching. I have also been a guest instructor in Concordia’s John Molson School of Business.

I co-teach and collaborate closely with acclaimed Los Angeles-based voice & communication coach Saul Kotzubei. I have also worked for seven years as a consultant with The Humphrey Group, Canada’s premiere leadership communication firm.

Relevant education and training:
– MFA in Acting, Temple University
– BFA in Theatre, Simon Fraser University
– BA in English Literature and Music Composition, Simon Fraser University
– Certification as an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®
– Four levels of training in Somatic Experiencing™ (a nervous system-based approach to stress and trauma resolution)

For more information about working with me, or to discuss whether a workshop or coaching session would be good fit for you, please get in touch using the contact form on this page.

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What clients say

I’ve been to various public speaking workshops so I wasn’t sure how your workshop could be different. But, Wow! It transformed everything I thought I knew. I now feel so much more confident and comfortable when speaking to groups.

Celine F.
ADP, HR Business Partner
formerly at Google

Noah is extremely articulate and fluid thinker, and I learned a lot.

Mark P.
Founder & CEO
Hammer Creative Inc

Noah has a fabulous and contagious grasp of his material, its development and its application. He is also a sensitive and intuitive facilitator.

Holly B.
Crimson Coast Dance Society

Noah is a supportive and skilled facilitator and instructor. I found the work to be a welcome challenge, and Noah provided a unique, energized environment for the experience.

Rob P.
Director of Marketing
Medium Rare Interactive

Noah is a true teacher. His extensive study of the performing arts – along with his gift for knowing how to catalyze the human system so each person can fully communicate in the heat of the moment – is remarkable. He marries compassion and challenge in such a refreshing way!

Irene L.
Irene Lyon Bodyscience


I came out of your workshop changed. For the first time I felt that public speaking is not something that needs to be dreaded or something that `I will always be bad at’ because it is not the way that I am wired. For the first time in my life I felt confident about my speaking and I was actually pleased with how my final talk went. Watching you help each person’s own style start shining through was absolute magic.

Nishant H.
Senior Analytics Engineer, Science and Analytics

Noah’s intuitiveness, and articulation of his insights, allowed for sudden and substantial shifts in my speaking.

Charlie B.
Filmmaker & Producer; clinical hypnotherapist

Noah is an excellent teacher — smart, kind, funny, trustworthy. Having been a teacher myself for 25 years, I was tremendously impressed by Noah’s talent and skill. He conveyed his love for communciation in a way that was inspiring to students, and engaged us in rigorous, vigorous work. What struck me most was Noah’s careful attention to each client’s needs, strengths and problems. I enjoyed the workshop from beginning to end.

Dr. Dara C.
Professor of Anthropology, Simon Fraser University

I really enjoyed working with Noah. His facilitation made me feel comfortable, and yet also challenged me to really feel into the work. I learned new skills in being present and really connecting with what I am presenting… from a more authentic place.

Naia L.
Naia Lore Wellness